What are the Credit Cards for Bad Credit Scorers?

If your credit score has never been so good and you have also never been so good with timely payments of your Credit Card then don’t you worry there are some Credit card options available for those customers who have a history of bad credit.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit Scorers

1.   Indigo Platinum Mastercard: A Credit Card for Bad Credit

This Mastercard can be the best option you have because it can help you in many ways to rebuild your credit.

  • Provides Travel Assistance

Indigo Platinum Mastercard provides travel assistance to its customers. You can make some bookings and purchases for your trip by using Indigo Platinum Mastercard.

  • Low Foreign Transaction Fee

Indigo Platinum Mastercard has a foreign transaction fee of 1% which is actually quite low. So, you can shop from this Mastercard while you are on a trip. However, there are some credit cards available that charge no Foreign Transaction Fee at all.

  • Fraud Liability

Indigo Platinum Mastercard provides protection from Fraud. So, you need not to worry if your Mastercard gets lost or stolen by someone. Your credit remains protected.

  • Extended Warranty Protection

Indigo Platinum Mastercard also provides warranty protection.

  • Help you qualify for more rewarding Mastercard

If you don’t have a good credit history previously but you make your payments on time while using Indigo Platinum Mastercard then you can also be qualified for a better Credit Card in future.

  • Pre-qualify for Mastercard

If you want to register for Indigo Platinum Mastercard despite of having a bad credit score then you can also pre-qualify for this Mastercard.

2.   Capital One Secured Mastercard: Credit card for Bad Credit

This Credit Card is also suitable for people with Bad Credit.

  • No Annual Fee

Capital One Secured Mastercard has no Annual Fee. This is a plus point for this card, as there are, some other options of Credit cards that have an annual fee.

  • Regular Reporting to Major Credit Bureaus

Reporting to major credit bureaus will help you build good credit history and this will also help you qualify for a better and more rewarding Credit Card.

  • Easy Access of online account

Your online Credit Card account can be easily managed through phone or the mobile app for Capital One Secured Mastercard.

  • Accepted Worldwide

Capital One Secured Mastercard is accepted at multiple locations Worldwide.

  • Variable APR Value

Capital One Secured Mastercard has a variable APR value of 26.99%.

3.   OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

If you have no or bad credit history then go for OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

  • Comparatively Low Annual Fee

OpenSky Secured Visa card has an annual fee that has to be paid annually by the customer but the annual fee is comparatively low.

  • 3% Foreign Transaction Fee

Foreign Transaction Fee exists for OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card and its value is 3%.

  • Inactive Credit Card Fee

If your credit card remains inactive for a year then you have to pay $10 as inactive credit card fee.

  • Comparatively low APR value

The APR value for OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card is lower than average APR.

4.   Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card

  • Offers Minimum Rewards

Many Credit cards that help to rebuild the credit do not offer rewards to the customers but Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card does offer minimum rewards to the cardholder.

  • Higher Annual Fee

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card has comparatively higher Annual Fee than other Credit cards which help you build credit.

  • Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card has low APR

The APR of other credit cards for bad credit is higher than the APR of this card

  • Standard Security Features

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card provides standard security features.

  • Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for this unsecured credit card are quite unclear at the time of application.

Consider details of all the provided Credit Card options and choose the one which suits you perfectly!