Privacy Policy

Myindigocardoffer is an extensive service providing a platform. We ensure we are able to provide best services to our users, hence we ensure we have strict privacy policy protecting to better serve those who allow their trust and reliability to build upon us.

This page is compiled after considerable consultation of maintaining privacy policies regarding the use and disclosure of the personal information of our users.

Our site, if requires any personal information is only because it allows us to maintain and improve our site. By agreeing with the term and conditions, you allow us to interpret your personal provided data for in accordance with our site policy.

Your personal information

We are entitled to collect some personal information from all of our users. This allows us to understand what kind of audience should we be expecting on our site. The information collected is often dependent on what services or how you are using our site to your benefit. However, by all means, we ensure that your information is stored safely with us on some unique identifiers. This might help us choose what services would be suited best to your liking and convenience.

While using our site, we may ask you to provide with certain personal information like your name, your email and in some instances your other personal information. However, please note that personal information is not restricted to these options only.

When do we collect your personal information?

We would need your personal information when you subscribe to our website, delivering the weekly or monthly newsletter, any updates on our site or filling out any forms on our site.

How do we use your information?

  • To personalize your experience
  • To administer a feature, survey or any other user-related feature for future use.
  • To smoothly process your data wherever required
  • To update you periodically about any new offers or survey openings

Log data information

Like all the sites, we also receive the information generated that your browser sends us whenever you visit our website. Such information is always stored under Log Data information for every functional website.

What information is kept under log data information?

  • Your computer’s internet protocol (IP address)
  • The browser type
  • The browser version
  • The pages of the sites you have visited
  • The and date of visiting
  • The pages and all the searches you have done on the site pages
  • Other statistics of your activities

All this information is required for us to maintain a healthy traffic on our site.


We require cookies to help remember your last added information from exactly where you logged off. However, you can choose whether you would want cookies turned on for your searching or not. You can turn off your cookies whenever you wish to.

If you disable cookies, some of the features would be disabled which makes the website run more efficiently.

Contact Us

For any further information regarding the privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.