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We offer various services to our customers. Visit the website at www.myindigocardoffer.com and go through all the services provided by us. The purpose of this site is to provide you complete knowledge along with all the procedures containing the official links of the website. By accessing such sites one can assume that the content available on these sites is inaccurate, incomplete and not up to the mark.

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Limitation of Liability:

Our main concern is your privacy and we are very cautious about it. As a user, you should already know that none of the platforms on the internet provide you hundred percent guarantee to keep your data privacy protected. Despite this fact, we will try to secure your personal information but we will not assure you in doing so. In addition to this, a third party can make some un-authorized changes anytime. If you will find any content that you think is inappropriate or incorrect then along with the complete details contact us right away.